Thanks for everyone’s patience during registration. We all made it through the insane demand.

Rocky Mountain Toyota RoundUp

Tuesday July 23rd to Friday, July 26th 2024

Ouray County Fairgrounds in Ridgway, Colorado


Ouray, Colorado. “Switzerland of America”.

Population: 1,046.

Elevation: 7,792 – 13,114 feet.

Off-highway trails: over 190 miles in the San Juan mountains.

The secret is out: the San Juan Mountains are one of the most popular off-highway destinations in North America. Beautiful mountain towns, unique off-highway experiences, magnificent waterfalls, fields of wildflowers, and pristine turquoise lakes.

The Rocky Mountain Toyota RoundUp, hosted by members of the Colorado FJ Cruisers Club and led by former FJ Summit Trail Leaders, celebrates Toyota’s off-highway heritage in the amazing San Juan Mountains. For new to experienced drivers, for stock to built trucks, the San Juans have over 190 miles of trails and scenery for every off-highway enthusiast to enjoy.

Spend each day with a trained, experienced trail leader seeing sights and conquering obstacles. Then share your adventures with new and old friends over a catered family-style dinner each night.

Ouray • Ridgway • Silverton • Telluride

Ouray, Colorado, known as the “Switzerland of America”

Population: 978
Elevation: 7,792 feet

Ridgway, Colorado, the headquarters for RMTR

Population: 1,270
Elevation: 7,048 feet

Silverton, Colorado, a quaint, historic mining town

Population: 695
Elevation: 9,318 feet

Telluride, Colorado, surrounded by Bridal Veil Falls and the famous Black Bear Pass

Population: 2,585
Elevation: 8,750 feet


Previous large events in this area have frequently had more demand than capacity. We all remember sitting in front of our computers hitting refresh to get a spot. There’s no great way to solve this problem without overloading the city and the trails.


Drivers (Vehicle) Ticket - $200
Adult Passenger Ticket - $70
Youth Passenger (5 - 12) Ticket - $60

Tickets include three catered meals, HQ activities (demonstrations, music Friday night, etc.), and trail runs. Additionally, drivers will receive swag at check-in.

Driver tickets are only valid to purchaser!

We cannot accept traded or resold tickets at the event.

No refunds will be issued after May 23rd 2024

For Vendors

The Rocky Mountain Toyota RoundUp isn't a trade show. Leave the booths and displays - and the trade show cost - at the office. This is your opportunity to partner with our trained Trail Leaders to have extended experiences with your customers. In the places where they buy your products to go doing what your products are designed to do. Let them see on the trails what your products can do. Make connections. But best of all, enjoy the experience. It's not work when you’re at 13 thousand feet taking in the scenery. Work is next week when the orders come in.